Tourism Security & Risk Management

The security and management of risk to tourists must be viewed as a strategic organizational issue in the context of the commerce, revenue, growth, and the goodwill that tourism represents. This applies to any municipality, city or country regardless of size or location. It requires a comprehensive, multi-disciplined approach that involves all stakeholders and interested segments of the community.

The Annapolis Group applies business-oriented planning models, strategic security planning methodologies, and strategic problem-solving techniques to develop and deliver a tourism security management program. This approach adds significant value in understanding and complimenting the so-called “value chain” strategy that is used to address the interdependencies of all aspects of delivering services to tourists. Our approach includes:

  • Strategic security analysis of the client’s tourism industry and the stakeholders involved (mission, environment, critical issues, goals and strategies)
  • Business process analysis of core business processes and their implications for risk management & security
  • Risk assessment
  • Integration of all stakeholder risk management & security needs
  • Crisis Management