Risk Assessment

In order to completely analyze the threats and vulnerabilities that create the risk that may confront your business, people or operations, The Annapolis Group, Ltd. has developed a unique approach to analyzing your risk. Unlike competitors, our approach closely examines all aspects of your business and operations. This includes a thorough understanding and analysis of your core business processes, upstream to downstream service delivery processes, and internal and external business environments. Our goal is to identify where in these processes and environments there are implications for security or risk management.

By applying business-oriented models and methodologies to identify your risk management and security needs, we are able to develop a more thorough analysis that facilitates identifying your acceptable level of risk. Our approach also allows us to develop security and risk management programs customized to your needs and business culture.

  • Identification & Priority of Assets
  • Threat Assessment
  • Security Process Analysis
  • Review of Existing Policy & Procedures
  • Operational Security Analysis
  • Technical Security Analysis