Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery & Business Resumption Planning

“Rough Seas Ahead” © 2011 Marty Luster

Crisis management and disaster recovery planning are strategic issues for any organization. In today’s uncertain and challenging global business environment, any number of critical events could threaten your employees, infrastructure, market share, reputation or even your company’s continued viability.

Lack of preparation for confronting and managing events that threaten the organization could have adverse impact on operations, finances and regulatory compliance, and expose the company and its officers to costly and lengthy litigation. The Annapolis Group, Ltd. provides a wide range of services and solutions that will allow you to successfully manage critical events in order to minimize exposure and contain damage. These range from requirements analysis, to program and plan development, to protection of assets or evacuation of personnel, as required.

  • Full Scope Risk Assessment
  • Program Analysis & Plan Development
  • Contingency Planning
  • Crisis Communications
  • Training, Tabletop Exercises & Scenario Planning
  • Periodic Program Review & Updates
  • Crisis Event Response Support